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There are literally hundreds of ways to make your home smarter and more connected, and that’s great. But it also means you have to make a lot of choices. And unfortunately, in many ways, compromises. Do you go for the highest-rated app? The most flexible gateway? The most integrations? Well, frankly, that changes almost weekly. Which means it’s not always that easy to be smart.

The OmniaBlind's mission is to provide custom-made roller blinds perfectly fitted to your windows. Any and all of them—down to the millimeter. And to ensure the fabric not only has the best color options to match your interior, has the quality to truly last, but also comes from one of the most environmentally friendly textile manufacturers in the world.

And then we made them smart.

So, although you may certainly impress your dinner guests by asking Siri to close your blinds, we believe the most impressive part of a smart home is when it doesn’t stand out. When smartness just does its job, how you need it. And the rest of the time, it’s just a well-thought-through part of your interior design.

sustainable fabrics for smart shades made in sweden

If your priorities are “smart” first and “home” second, then you have a lot of options to balance and compromises to make. But if you want the best blinds for your home that just happen to be smart and motorized, we’ve narrowed it down to a much easier choice.

Smartness shouldn’t be the focal point of your home. Living in it should. Without compromises. That's the OmniaBlinds way.


No matter if you want to control all of your motorized blinds with a simple push of a button in the Apple Home app (HomeKit) or if you want to create advanced automation, the possibilities are endless with HomeKit (iOS Apple). It is also possible to upgrade the motors to Matter, OTA, the new smart home standard. 


Our conviction is that quality and sustainability go hand in hand, and we believe the highest-quality textiles are made with the highest respect for both the environment and the well-being of the people making it.

That's why it's imperative for us that all our fabrics are made sustainably here in Sweden, allowing us to ensure that the manufacturing does not disturb the environment or surrounding nature and that the employees are treated not only fairly but well.

We have partnered with a textile manufacturer with nearly 175 years of experience, and their well-earned reputation provides an unquestionable track record in regard to quality.


We know the fabrics in our blinds will not only last for decades but are truly top-of-the line in terms of keeping their color over time despite constant sunlight exposure.

Sourcing our fabrics from a manufacturer close to our own production also ensures that the only transport needed is the most important one: the delivery to you 


The key to our products is that they shouldn't have to stand out in your home; they should be able to feel like well-thought-out parts of it. They're at their best when they're just fulfilling their purpose discretely and reliably.
This is why we offer truly custom width, with 170 different fabric types and color options.

It's also why we've chosen a motor for our blinds that is not only very quiet but also allows for a very discreet and simple installation.

OmniaBlinds Smart Shades - Custom Made in Sweden


Thread solves the complexities of the IoT, addressing challenges such as interoperability, security, power, and architecture requirements. It is a low-power wireless mesh networking protocol based on the universally supported Internet Protocol (IP), and built using open and proven standards. Thread networks have no single point of failure and include the ability to self-heal. They are simple to set up and use, and they auto-reconfigure when a device is added or removed. And Thread ensures end-to-end communication—device-to-device, device-to-mobile, and device-to-cloud—reliability and securely connecting hundreds, and even thousands, of products. With Matter, the Eve MotionBlinds motors can be upgraded, thus making it possible to connect to Google, Amazon, Smartthings, and many more. Not just Apple HomeKit.


Get in touch with us regarding our products, measurements, installation, or whatever you need help with. Our experts will guide you through every stage of the process, with no chatbots or autogenerated answers. We will not stop until you are truly satisfied.

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