Understanding R, T and A

Before diving into specific fabrics, it's helpful to understand three key terms:

R (Reflection): This indicates how much light and heat the fabric reflects back towards the window. A higher value means more reflection.

T (Transmission): This signifies how much light passes through the fabric. A higher value allows more light in.

A (Absorption): This refers to the amount of heat absorbed by the fabric. A higher value means the fabric absorbs more heat.

Fabric Types

Now, let's explore the different types of fabrics available:

Blackout Fabric

Benefits: Offers complete privacy, blocks out light, heat, and UV rays, excellent insulation.

Ideal for: Bedrooms, media rooms, or anywhere you need complete darkness and temperature control.

smart blackout shades

Translucent Fabric

Benefits: Softly diffuses natural light, provides daytime and nighttime privacy, completely opaque.

Ideal for: Living rooms, kitchens, or anywhere you desire privacy but still want gentle natural light.

smart translucent shades

Transparent Fabric

Benefits: Allows glimpses of the outside while maintaining daytime privacy and letting in natural light.

Ideal for: Bathrooms, hallways, or anywhere you want natural light and a view while maintaining privacy during the day.

smart transparent shades

screen Fabric

Benefits: Offers a clear view outside, allows filtered natural light, ensures daytime privacy. Made of PVC with tiny holes for breathability.

Ideal for: Conservatories, balconies, or sunrooms where you want a clear view and light control while maintaining privacy during the day.

smart transparent shades

Key Takeaways

  • Consider your desired level of privacy, light control, and heat insulation when choosing a fabric.
  • Blackout fabrics offer maximum privacy and darkness, while translucent fabrics provide softer light and privacy.
  • Transparent fabrics allow glimpses outside while maintaining daytime privacy, and screen fabrics offer a clear view with filtered light and daytime privacy.

We hope this information helps you choose the perfect fabric for your smart blinds!

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