Matter certified blinds and shades

Matter certified blinds and shades

Matter thread smart blinds and shades is the future for the smart home. Tech industries most prominent names are all on board supporting the new smart home standard Matter. OmniaBlinds smart blinds and shades powered by Eve MotionBlinds has Thread support and will be Matter certified. 

Matter is considered a gamechanger for the smart home industry because it intends to solve the  complications around compatibility. This has been stopping the smart home industry from becoming mainstream because of the hussle figuring out what works with what.

One standard will also be benificial for the manufacturers as they only need to support Matter instead of several plattforms. 

Matter standard logo for certified blinds and shades motors

Matter thread smart blinds and shades will simplify things 

The goal for Matter is to make things a lot easier for the consumers. It will be an interoperability protocol, or application layer, with standard data models that ensure smart home devices can work across different types of smart home ecosystems. 

Thread is a new networking protocol that makes Matter work better by making it easier and faster to connect smart devices to your home. It works alongside your home Wi-Fi network, while also extending your network’s reach and making it more reliable.

Seamless communication

Control your Matter thread smart blinds and shades with the smart home app of your choice because they will work with whatever Matter device you prefer. It will not matter if its Apple, Samsung or Google, you decide. 

This is what Matter intends to do for you which makes OmniaBlinds motorized blinds powered by Eve MotionBlinds future-proof as they will support Matter. Which means that you do not have to get a bridge to connect OmniaBlinds not only with HomeKit but Google and Amazon aswell.

How does Matter work?

Matter, built on internet prototol IPv6, takes an open source development approach leveraging proven technologies. Including Apple HomeKit, Google, Amazon and the Connectivity Alliance (former Zigbee Alliance). 

At launch it will run on top of Thread, Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Bluetooth will be used for comissioning and adding devices to your Matter network. Battery operated devices will typically use Thread because its a low energy protocol specially created for the smart home. 

Matter is by design secure because it communicates locally very much like HomeKit does. This also means that Matter certified blinds and shades will not require any cloud communication. That said it is optional to add cloud dependent services if you choose to do so.

What about my existing smart home?

Many smart homes use Zigbee or other technologies but fortunately one of the devices supported by Matter is bridges. Which means that the manufacturers can roll out a firmware update to their bridges and all child accessories can communicate with the bridge and also for example your Matter certified shades.

Should I wait for Matter certified blinds and shades? 

You do not need to wait for Matter certified blinds and shades before purchasing. Because Eve MotionBlinds has already commited to supporting Matter. If you are still uncertain sign up for our newsletter and we will notify you once the motor is upgraded to support Matter. 

We hope this article clarified things a bit and we will make updates if things would change. As well as adding the most popular smart home devices once they get Matter certified and compatible with the Matter blinds and shades motor.

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