The OmniaBlinds Way

There are literally hundreds of ways to make your home smarter and more connected – and that’s great. But it also means you have to make a lot of choices. And unfortunately, in many ways – compromises. Do you go for the highest rated app? The most flexible gateway? The most integrations? Well, frankly – that changes almost weekly. Which means, it’s not always that easy being smart.

The OmniaBlinds mission is to provide custom made roller blinds, perfectly fitted to your windows. Any and all of them – down to the millimeter. And to ensure the fabric not only has the best color options to match your interior, has the quality to truly last, but also comes from one of the most environmentally friendly textile manufacturers in the world.

And THEN we made them smart.

So, although you may certainly impress your dinner guests by asking Siri, Google or Alexa to close your blinds – we believe the most impressive part of a smart home is when it doesn’t stand out. When the smartness just does its job – how and when you need it. And the rest of the time, it’s just a well thought through part of your interior design.

If your priorities are “smart” first, and “home” second – then you have a lot of options to balance – and compromises to make. But if you want the best blinds for your home that just also happen to be smart and motorized – we’ll, we’ve narrowed it down to a much easier choice.

The smartness shouldn’t be the focal point of your home. Living in it should. Without compromises. That's the OmniaBlinds way.

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