What do motorized shades cost?

What do motorized shades cost?

Lets attempt to break down the cost of motorized shades

There is not an easy answer to the question of what the cost is for motorized shades but we will try to break it down for you.

The quality and functionality of the blinds motor

There is an ocean of different tubular motor manufactures around the planet. The way these tubular motors for blinds are built and with what purpose are just as different as creating a pair of shoes. 

There are a lot of tubular motors with different radio frequencies, different ways to power the motor, quiet or loud, strong or weak, the list goes on and on. 

At OmniaBlinds we use a tubular motor with Bluetooth and Thread, a long-lasting built-in lithium battery, and most importantly its super silent. That means that this motor will, of course, be more expensive than a hardwired motor that sounds like a train is passing through your bedroom.

Pre-made and made to measure motorized shades

What is a pre-made motorized shade? Well, it means that the manufacturer has made a let's say 100 pcs of grey shades with the measurements of 100 cm width x 185 cm length. So they have stock of a certain type of motorized shade with a predetermined measurement. This process is a lot quicker than making a shade made to measure.

Made to measure means that the customer chooses the exact measurement, fabric type, and color that they prefer. For example a blue motorized shade with 123,2 cm in width and 285 cm in length. After placing the order the motorized shade is manufactured accordingly by professionals. 

Getting pre-made shades is cheaper than getting made to measure shades because of the fact that each product that is made to measure is manufactured by a professional staff. Also, you are not able to buy a bunch of black fabric and get the cost down as you are offering a wider range of colors and fabric types.

DIY Customized pre-made motorized blinds

There are many DIY solutions where you cut the pre-made shade with saw and scissors, that is not something that we recommend because your warranty will then not be valid. That is why we recommend that you order a made to measure motorized shade directly from professionals if the pre-made measurements do not match your requirements.

Made to measure motorized blinds

At Omnia Blinds we offer made to measure motorized shades which means that we can meet the demand in the best way possible. It also means that the cost will be higher than a pre-made manufactured shade as it should be. 

Think of it like going to a tailor, you will have to pay extra for that fitted jacket.

The kind of fabrics

It makes a LOT of difference what kind of fabrics that are used for the motorized shade. There are a lot of different types of fabrics, where they are manufactured, how they are manufactured, what kind of material they consist of and so on. 

At Omnia Blinds we use Almedahls fabrics which are manufactured in Sweden by Almedahls. They operate the greenest textile manufacturing in the world.

All fabric collections are made of 100% Polyester except for our high-end fabric collection Techno that is made of 66% Cotton and 34% Polyester. 

The benefit of using Polyester compared to for example PVC is:

  • better at blocking the sunlight and heat which strikes the window panels
  • better at blocking our UV light
  • less likely to be damaged by ultraviolet light
  • more flexibility compared to plastic products, PVC
  • less likely to be buckled and warped, compared to PVC
  • kinder to the environment, when PVC is burned hydrochloric acid is released which is highly corrosive and dangerous

Polyester is more expensive than PVC but we believe in sustainability and using the best material for our motorized shades is a no brainer.

Distribution chain

Depending on how the distribution chain looks like will dramatically affect the prices. Normally a manufacturer sells to a distributor that sells to retailers and last but not least they sell to the end consumer. 

At Omnia Blinds we have changed all that and we sell directly to the end consumer, B2C. That means that we are able to cut out all intermediates and keep the cost of the motorized shades down. 

Comparison with other brands

Omnia Motorized Blinds, Polar collection, Translucent 

  • 100 cm in width x 185 cm in height
  • Included remote control
  • Built-in lithium battery
  • Super silent motor
  • Charger included
  • 100% Polyester
  • Made in Sweden
  • Free Shipping Worldwide

Total cost: $199

Serena Motorized Shades, Luna collection, Translucent

  • 100 cm in width x 185 cm in height
  • With added one-channel remote control
  • Battery operated
  • Shipping added

Total cost: $556

Somfy Motorized Shades, Basic collection, Translucent

  • 100 cm in width x 185 cm in 
  • With added remote control
  • Battery operated, can be recharged
  • Shipping added 

Total cost: $443

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