Smart Shades by Sweden


The OmniaBlind's mission is to provide custom-made roller shades perfectly fitted to your windows. Any and all of them—down to the millimeter. And to ensure the fabric not only has the best color options to match your interior, has the quality to truly last, but also comes from one of the most environmentally friendly textile manufacturers in the world...

And then we made them smart.

So, although you may certainly impress your dinner guests by asking Siri to close your blinds, we believe the most impressive part of a smart home is when it doesn’t stand out. When smartness just does its job, how you need it. And the rest of the time, it’s just a well-thought-through part of your interior design.

sustainable fabrics for smart shades made in sweden

If your priorities are “smart” first and “home” second, then you have a lot of options to balance and compromises to make. But if you want the best custom roller shades for your home that just happen to be smart and motorized, we’ve narrowed it down to a much easier choice.

Smartness shouldn’t be the focal point of your home. Living in it should. Without compromises. That's the OmniaBlinds way.


Our conviction is that quality and sustainability go hand in hand, and we believe the highest-quality textiles are made with the highest respect for both the environment and the well-being of the people making it.

That's why it's imperative for us that all our fabrics are made sustainably here in Sweden, allowing us to ensure that the manufacturing does not disturb the environment or surrounding nature and that the employees are treated not only fairly but well.

We have partnered with Almedahls Sweden, a textile manufacturer with nearly 175 years of experience, and their well-earned reputation provides an unquestionable track record in regard to quality.


We know the fabrics in our blinds will not only last for decades but are truly top-of-the-line in terms of keeping their color over time despite constant sunlight exposure.

Sourcing our fabrics from a manufacturer close to our own production also ensures that the only transport needed is the most important one: the delivery to you.


Almedahls is rooted in strong Nordic design traditions dating right back to the foundation of the company in 1846. The company is named after Alma, the daughter of the founder, Hans Wesslau. Even today, the area around the site of the first factory is called Almedal. Almedahls is one of the oldest businesses in the western part of Sweden and has been cultivating and manufacturing textile design products for generations.


Leveraging high-quality materials and timeless design, Almedahl's solar protection fabrics undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. Their dedication to blending contemporary trends with their rich cultural heritage results in products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also embody their commitment to sustainability. With a specialized approach to collection development, they excel at delivering sustainable and beautifully designed solutions.


Almedahls is celebrated for its exceptionally eco-friendly production facility and sustainable manufacturing practices in Sweden. Their environmental dedication is reinforced through various sustainability certifications, demonstrating their leadership in eco-conscious manufacturing within the textile industry. These certifications are a testament to Almedahl's ongoing efforts to minimize environmental impact and promote sustainability.

Five Zero Green Sustainability program

EN 14001:2015 certificate

OEKO-TEX certificate

Environmental policy



Almedahls was an early adapter of environmental protection and sustainability and, by now, probably operates one of the greenest supply chains of its kind.

Almedahls have consistently seen that stakeholders find it intuitively easier to grasp the sustainability of the product rather than the sustainability of the production process, which is a much larger source of environmental liability. Therefore, they have developed and certified five green process checkpoints, which are combined into the Five Zero Green Certificate.

All solar protection products from Almedahls are produced by the Five Zero Green standards.

Solar protection products from Almedahls are probably among the most sustainable available. In addition, Almedahls are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.