Product specification


OmniaBlinds smartblinds are powered by Eve MotionBlinds motors with Apple HomeKit technology. Control your smart blinds directly from your iPhone, without the need for a bridge, registration or any cloud dependency. Supported by Bluetooth and Thread, it´s the most advanced and user friendly technology in the market. 


☑️ Easy - just scan the HomeKit setup QR code to setup

☑️ Smart - connect your smart blinds to the HomeKit ecosystem

☑️ Safe - all data is stored locally and stays at home

☑️ User friendly - Control your smart blinds directly from your iPhone, NO Hub or Bridge required

☑️ Future proof - Thread support 

Once connected, the OmniaBlinds smart blinds powered by Eve MotionBlinds motors interact with other HomeKit enabled accessories that are part of your ecosystem creating the desired safety and comfort at any time of day. 

Thread not only makes the Eve MotionBlinds motors work with Apple HomeKit technology, it also makes them ready for the future smart home: Matter. Matter is the new smart home protocol developed by Apple, Amazon, Google, and many other manufacturers of smart home products such as Eve. 

Learn more about how to control the smart blinds >

Tech specs

Other Features: Thread, HomeKit Compatible. HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K has support for Thread.

Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

Pull control: Manual pull function, one easy pull down sets the blind in motion

Pull control for smart blinds

Wireless: Integrated battery, charged by USB-C. A fully charged battery lasts approx. 8-12 months. Charging the battery takes 6 hours.

Wireless smart blinds   USB-C Charging for smart blinds

Remote control: All smart blinds can be controlled by a remote control available as 1 channel, 5 channel or 15 channel. Control your blinds one on one or in group. 

Remote controlled blinds

System Requirements

Operating System: iPhone, iPad with iOS 11.4 or later

Other Requirements: Controlling this HomeKit-enabled smart shade automatically and away from home requires a HomePod mini or an Apple TV (4th generation or later) as a home bridge or hub. Notifications away from home require a home bridge or hub. 

Featured apps 

Eve for HomeKit: Used for the installation process, setting top and bottom position on the smart blinds. Required for all future upgrades of the Eve MotionBlinds motor. View in the App store

Apple Home: For controlling your smart blinds with the Apple´s smart home plattform, HomeKit. View in the App store

Included in the package

All smart blinds orders includes installation manuals regarding mounting and installation. Both mounting and installation is very easy, to set the stop positions just scan the QR code and follow the step by step guide in the app.

*We do not send the four screws needed for mounting the shades as there is so many different kind of wall and ceiling types. 


This warranty applies to all roller shades

  • The warranty is valid for three years against manufacturing defects, from the date of delivery, provided the goods are fully paid
  • The warranty applies to defects in materials and / or manufacturing
  • The buyer is responsible for costs and risks in connection with the return of incorrect parts according to Returns
  • The warranty does not cover faults caused by accident, improper installation or normal wear and tear. 
  • The warranty does not cover incorrect measurements from the buyer
  • The guarantee does not apply to external damage or if the customer mismanaged the product
  • The warranty does not cover shipping costs or consequential costs incurred. Some roller blinds may have a tendency to bend in the outer edges, so-called "curvature", and are a phenomenon that comes from the weave roll and is not advertisingable.
  • The warranty does not cover additional costs that might occur during shipping such as custom fees/taxes
  • Upon complaint, order confirmation / receipt must always be presented. regarding the guarantee of weaving, Omnia Blinds AB follows the suppliers' guidelines
  • The warranty does not cover software related issues such as third party integrations etc.
This warranty applies to all motors
  • There is a 3-year warranty on our motors.
  • If you run into issues with the motors get in touch with us. We will help you out as soon as possible.
  • If the defects are caused by external influences you are not allowed to make a claim regarding our warranty.