Roller Blinds with Apple HomeKit technology | FREE World Wide Shipping

Coming in September this year, sign up at the bottom of the page (NOT BINDING, just an interest list) for early release offer, 15% discount + FREE Shipping World Wide.  Make sure you get in on the first batch (limited supply)


✅ Coulisse is launching a range of motors with Apple HomeKit technology, in collaboration with smart home specialist Eve Systems from Munich, Germany.

✅ OmniaBlinds is an early partner of the new HomeKit technology from Eve and Coulisse and we expect to be able to release the new range in September this year.

✅ The range, that includes wireless motors for roller blinds, aims at making motorized blinds accessible as a mass-product.

The benefits of smart blinds with Apple HomeKit technology

✅ Custom made from $318 (15% discount if you sign up at the bottom of the page)
✅ FREE World Wide shipping
✅ Wide range of fabrics and colors, made in Sweden
✅ Super easy setup simply by scanning a QR code, programming and control directly on your iPhone. Runs on integrated battery, charged by USB-C
✅ No gateway or bridge required for installation, the blinds connect via Bluetooth.
✅ The blinds seamlessly and securely interact with other HomeKit certified accessories, like for example light bulbs, thermostats and movement detectors.
✅ All data and intelligence are stored locally on the motor, which means data exchanged in the home stays in the home.
✅ The first smart blinds with support for Thread, the new wireless protocol already in the HomePod mini.
✅ Once connected, the blinds instantly are part of a smart home ecosystem, in which smart devices automatically interact in creating the desired ambiance, safety and comfort at any time of day.


Be the first to know and get 15% discount!

Sign up to our interest list for our new Roller Blinds with HomeKit technology and make sure that you get in on the first batch. Our new Roller Blinds range will have 170 different fabrics and colors to choose from and be custom made within the measurement interval of 62-259 cm in width and up to 285 cm in height/drop.

All blinds will be custom made in Sweden with fabrics and components of the highest quality.

Expected release in September this year with FREE World Wide shipping.

SIGN UP IS NOT BINDING, its just an interest list if you like to get first in on the first batch.