Write your exact width in cm with decimals

This is a mandatory field.
Type in your width measure like the example: 177,4 cm


Inside or outside mounted

1. If you choose inside mounted we WILL deduct 0,5 cm of the total width measurement on your product.


2. If you choose outside mounted we will NOT deduct anything from the width measurement on your product.


Note: The fabric is 4 cm / 1.6 inches narrower than your total width measurement.


Fabric direction

Standard roll is when the fabric comes down behind the tube closer to the window.

Standard roll, image 1. 

Standard rolled smart blind guide



Reverse roll is when the fabric rolls off the front of the tube.

Reverse roll, image 2. 

Reverse rolled smart blind guide

Motor, brackets and bottom rail color

Choose what color you want on your motor, brackets, plastic covers, and bottom rail.

White, Grey or Black. 

White motor smart omnia blinds

Grey details smart omnia blinds

Black details omnia smart blinds 



The image shows a smart blind that is inside mounted, standard roll and with white motor, brackets and bottom rail color. 

OmniaBlinds with HomeKit control powered by Eve MotionBlinds