The world`s greenest textile manufacturer

Almedahls represent more than 170 years of textile tradition and manufacturing in Sweden. All of our custom smart blinds  are built with Almedahls fabrics to ensure premium quality.

Rooted in strong Nordic design

"The new Almedahls is rooted in strong Nordic design traditions dating right back to the foundation of the company in 1846. The company is named after Alma, the daughter of the founder, Hans Wesslau. Even today, the area around the site of the first factory is called Almedal. Almedahls is one of the oldest businesses in the western part of Sweden and has been cultivating and manufacturing textile design products for generations. We bring interior decoration solutions to our customers. Our products are developed for both homes and public spaces, and Almedahls’ unique designs are also available as personal accessories. Uncompromising quality, unique contemporary design, and sustainability run through everything we do. Almedahls offers the full range from large turn-key interior decoration solutions in window coverings, carpets, and furniture, to a single inspirational design product for your home. We are fundamentally driven by relationships with our customers. The ageless Almedahls design and the quality of what we do mean that our solutions will always bring you much higher value than cost. We invite you to explore the Almedahls design universe and product range. We hope you will come away inspired and look forward to serving your needs."


Technique within

Their products deliver the technical performance demanded from solar protection fabrics, and are technically proven and documented

Design forever

The range as a whole is aligned with current trends. We think design into every aspect of the products as part of our culture and heritage


The range is physically up to 3 meters in product width and covers the full range of price points and product features in the category

Managed collection process

They are experts in collection development and offer a managed development process

Responsibility and accountability

They operate one of the greenest production facilities of its kind, are certified in sustainability, and manufacture in Sweden

About the Sustainability Program, Five-Zero-Green

Almedahls was an early adapter of environmental protection and sustainability and, by now, probably operates one of the greenest supply chains of its kind.

"We have consistently seen that stakeholders find it intuitively easier to grasp the sustainability of the product rather than the sustainability of the production process, which is a much larger source of environmental liability. Therefore, we have developed and certified five green process checkpoints, which are combined into the Five Zero Green Certificate.
All solar protection products from Almedahls are produced by the Five Zero Green standards.
We believe that the solar protection products from Almedahls are probably among the most sustainable available.
In addition, we are certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.
We actively encourage peers to adopt the standards in The Five Zero Green Certificate as an imperative for sustainable textiles and a better tomorrow."