Are motorized blinds worth it | Top 10 Benefits Listed

Are motorized blinds worth it | Top 10 Benefits Listed

Top 10 Benefits with motorized blinds, listed and explained.

Do you really need motorized blinds? It already works fine adjusting them manually right? Well, why do you have a remote control to change channels on your TV or why do you have electric windows in your car? Why do we have a dishwasher? The list goes on and on but the main reason why there are so few people with motorized blinds is the cost of it. That is something that we are here to change. 

Ok, enough small talk, let´s jump right into the benefits with smart motorized blinds.

1.Increased convenience with smart blinds by OmniaBlinds

Getting up from the sofa and manually adjusting the shades isn't that hard, aren't you just plain lazy if you won't do that? Well, as previously mentioned, why don't you just throw away the remote to the TV as well and change the channel manually? Also, how much time do you actually spend raising them each morning and lowering them each night? Some people leave them down all day, because of the usual stress in the morning by making breakfast and so on, making their house look quite suspicious. 

Do you want to learn more about how to control your blinds with HomeKit powered by Eve MotionBlinds? 

What about all the windows that are hard to reach? You are not that keen to get the ladder from the garage in order to adjust your shades in the middle of breakfast or at night when you are trying to relax after a day at work. 

It is not just about you being lazy it is about a better way of adjusting your shades so that they are used in an optimal way. They are actually there because of a reason and that reason is to keep the sun out, get you some wanted privacy and more. 

Why shouldn't you have motorized blinds so that you can wake up to natural sunlight, close all blinds with a touch of a button, set scenes where they lower themselves when you put on your favorite movie or want to watch the most important game of the season? It is not just the convenience of having motorized blinds that make it worth it, its also the wow factor from friends and family - its always nice to have something that few people have isn't it?

Having a way of easier accessing your blinds, a way of easier adjust them, also increases the possibility for you to use the blinds as they are supposed to be used. That will lead to a lot of really good consequences as energy savings which will lead to a positive effect on the environment. As well as an automated shade, on time or sun, it can lead to burglars thinking one extra time before entering your house and stealing your precious items.  

2. Child safety, Cordless motorized blinds

As parents, our biggest concern is that our children are safe. 

As homeowners we make sure to secure electrical outlets, installing locks on cabinets and doors, securing furniture, and constantly telling them to not do what they think is interesting to explore further. 

What most of us fail to consider is the danger of blinds with cords. They are a real danger for our little loved ones. While playing around a child can easily tangle themselves with the cord and it can be life-threatening. According to the US consumer product safety commission, one child under the age of 10 years of age dies every month in the US due to window cord strangulation. 

Blinds with a looped manual control such as roller shades with bead chain are the most dangerous blinds for children and pets.

Cordless blinds offer full safety for children and pets and when it comes to motorized blinds you can rest a sure that your beloved children will not be in any risk of strangulation due to your blinds.

For the above reasons cordless blinds are highly recommended and child safety is a huge benefit with motorized shades. 

There is a video regarding the hazard of blinds with cord, you can find the link below.

In an instant, youtube video

3. Motorized shades save energy

With manually operated blinds you are less likely, or in fact not practically able, to adjust your shades in an optimal way. But the good thing is that a motorized shade can be programmed so that you can take advantage of all the benefits that smart shades offer. 

Connecting your motorized shades to a smart home hub or a smart sun sensor can help to minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system used by allowing the shades to act automatically independently to reading from the sun sensor or weather forecast report. Perfectly programmed, the blinds will close during the hottest part of the day and open during a sunny day in the winter to allow the sun to enter the room and heat up the house naturally. Reducing the energy spent is good for your personal economy as well as good for the environment. It also increases the comfort in your home as the temperature will be more in line with what we humans prefer. 

The weakest part of a building is the windows. That is where all heat comes in during the summer or goes out during the winter. That is something that can be reduced by having smart motorized shades. Block out heat in the summer, allow heat in during sunny days during the winter and minimize downdraught during a winter night by closing all blinds. All the above scenario is a true possibility with motorized and smart shades. 

At OmniaBlinds we offer a sun sensor that adjusts your blinds based on the sun conditions and you can also set a time schedule on your blinds. The smart hub read weather forecasts and your blinds can be programmed to adjust themselves according to that forecast.

Motorized shades with smart control make your home greener and smarter. It is an excellent way to promote a more sustainable lifestyle. According to the latest reports regarding our environment, we should all think one extra time on how we want our children to grow up. Motorized shades, for a better environment, is one piece of the puzzle that will play its role now and in the future. 

To sum that up it sounds pretty good to us, having good looking smart shades that act automatically as well as you are doing something good for the environment and waste less money on your energy bills. Let´s get some smart blinds with HomeKit control now!

4. Enhance the security of your home with smart blinds

An effective way to protect your home from intrusion is making it appear like its occupied. With automated shades, you can set a time schedule during the day/week so that you simulate that you are home. If you integrate them with a smart hub you can control them from anywhere and through the app adjust them when you feel it is needed. Automated shades, or app-controlled shades, gives an empty house the lived-in appearance. If you were a burglar, would you actually gamble on entering a house that looks occupied or would you rather make a surer bet on a house that truly looks empty? Well, it sure seems reasonable to think that you would go with the empty-looking house. 

5. Increased freedom for elderly and disabled  

As you get older and still living at home you might need extra help, it's sometimes the little things that are very difficult to manage by yourself. One of those things might be adjusting your blinds. Our elderly are not supposed to lie in bed with their shades down in the morning, waiting for their assistant to arrive and help them, or not be able to close them during the day when they want to rest for a while. Motorized shades will eliminate those issues right away. With a motorized shade, they can easily adjust all blinds at once with one touch on the remote control or creating a time schedule that fits their needs so that the blinds automatically close and open by themselves according to their likings. 

It is also a safety measure as manually opening and closing the blinds can be hazardous for people with balance and physical mobility problems. Some windows can be hard to reach and they might lose their balance and fall. Also, often you have problems getting out of your chair or sofa and you might skip adjusting your blinds in the first place.

There are 40 million people in the US with arthritis, 350 million worldwide, and a lot of these people might have a problem gripping the chains or cords so that they can adjust their blinds properly. If you suffer from these issues motorized blinds will be a perfect solution for you. 

A lot of people around the world have some kind of disability that makes it hard to live totally independently. Getting motorized blinds will solve one piece of the puzzle so that you can live a bit more independently. 

We offer the possibility for a wide variety of control options such as automation based on time or sun conditions, voice control if integrated with Alexa or Google Home, remote control options and more. 

If you like to read more about our control options you can find a more detailed page here.

6. Perfectly fit the aesthetics of your home

No ugly hanging cords and chains! With motorized shades that are made to measure you will get a beautiful shade that perfectly fits the interior in your room. 

In our store, you can choose between a wide range of fabrics, colors, and features. We have free samples if you like to see how well the color or fabric collection fits your interior.  

Our motorized shades are made to measure just for you. You choose the exact width and the perfect color just for you and your home. Compared to a standard shade in your local home improvement store, our motorized shades are made in Sweden with high-quality components and fabrics to ensure that we deliver the highest quality possible. 

7. Protect your interior from sun bleaching

Motorized roller shades, with smart control, can preserve your belongings and decor. Even though the sun has its benefits, naturally warming up the house in the winter, and of course, giving us energy and light, it has its downside when it comes to our interior. It can damage our furniture, carpeting, and other decors if it's allowed to stream in through the windows all the time. Unless you want to replace all these interiors from time to time you might wanna invest in motorized shades that will protect and preserve your interior, optimally if they are automated based on sun conditions ( can be achieved with our hub ). 

The sun´s UV rays can be damaging to artwork and furniture. Also, your floor, if made by wood, and your expensive rugs. A way of minimizing the risk of this happening is to create a time schedule for your shades so that they automatically close during the hottest part of the day and then open again when the sun goes down ( this can be achieved with our remote control )

Eve MotionBlinds

8. Privacy at home with smart shades

Our home is a place where we feel safe from the outside world, a place where we want to do what we love to do, a place where we can enjoy some privacy. Windows, is, unfortunately, a place where other people can see in. That is not something that we typically want late at night. 

With smart shades, you won’t have to worry whether your neighbor from across the street or people passing by your house being curious about your whereabouts. They can be set to lower at dusk - or at any other time that’s convenient to you - and let you enjoy your free time in private. Or just lower them all at once with one touch on the remote control.

9. Smart Home integration

Motorized shades can be integrated with other smart appliances such as lights, thermostats, awnings, smart locks and more. In this way, you can set scenarios such as "go down" when the awnings close due to much wind. Or you can set a scenario for your blinds to close when you turn on your favorite movie or would like to watch the football game of the year.

Another great benefit is that you can control your blinds when you are not at home. From an app you can, for example, lower your shades in the middle of the day to reduce sun from entering your house or simulate that you are home and keep your home safer.

If you like to control your blinds with your voice you can integrate the hub with Alexa or Google Home. Talking with your shades, that is something that your neighbors and friends will talk about for sure. 

With smart home integration, the limits are pretty much boundless.

10. Maximize the space in your house

Motorized shades can maximize the space in a room. For example, having a motorized shade as a projector screen as well. 

You do not need to clear space to the window so that you can manually adjust them, which leads to the opportunity to use all of the surfaces next to your window. 

There are probably a lot more clever ideas out there, what is yours?

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