Battery operated shades

Premium tubular motor with built in lithium battery

With our battery operated motorized shades you do not need to have any ugly wires and external battery pack. We like to keep it simple, long lasting and that the shades look beautiful in the window!

Our motorized shades has a built in tubular motor that is powered with a lithium battery.


Battery lasts a year before requiring recharge

Our lithium batteries will last one year before requiring a recharge, with normal use (once up and once down per day). To recharge them, simply plug them in using the included adapter. After six hours of charging, they should last another year.

Super silent and with smooth operation

The motor is very silent and the speed slows down before the motorized shade reaches the end position. 

Technical specification

Radio: Bluetooth Thread

Speed: 35rpm

Battery: 2500mAh lithium, built in

Charger: 16.8VDC


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