IKEA motorized blinds vs Omnia Blinds

The difference between Omnia Blinds and IKEA motorized blinds

Let us compare our motorized blinds vs IKEAs motorized blinds so that you can get further insights regarding what kind of manufacturer that best fits your needs. 


1. Pre-made vs made to measure motorized blinds

IKEA manufactures their motorized blinds in volume at pre-set sizes, which means that they are able to keep the manufacturing cost down. It also means that you are able to just pick them off the shelf in IKEAs stores. 

Getting pre-made motorized blinds means that you are probably not going to get the perfect fit within your window frame, called inside mount. If you mount the blinds outside the window frame, called outside mount, it will probably work better but it is not as sleek as the inside mount. 

If your window is larger than 140 cm you will unfortunately not be able to go with IKEAs motorized blinds.


IKEA motorized blinds sizes

  1. Width 60 cm x Height 195 cm
  2. Width 80 cm x Height 195 cm
  3. Width 100 cm x Height 195 cm
  4. Width 120 cm x Height 195 cm
  5. Width 140 cm x Height 195 cm 


Omnia motorized blinds sizes

  1. Width 60 - 240 cm x 185 cm height, can be ordered by millimeter precision
  2. Width 60 - 240 cm x 225 cm height, can be ordered by millimeter precision 
  3. Width 60 - 240 cm x 285 cm height, can be ordered by millimeter precision 


Made to measure, for a perfect fit

We manufacture our blinds made to measure, meaning that the customer is able to fit the motorized blind perfectly within the window frame. Made to measure blinds are more expensive as each and every one is hand made by professionals. It also means that there is a manufacturing process that takes a few weeks compared to the pre-made blinds. 


Getting the exact measurements, made to measure motorized blinds, is of course what you absolutely prefer as it will not only look beautiful in the window but it will also allow the blind to do what a blind does best - keep the light out without any glitch. But as previously mentioned it does come with the downside of waiting for the blinds to arrive, they are more expensive and you will not be able to return the product as it is custom made according to your preferences. 


2. Motorized blinds fabrics, collection, and quality.


Collections: Fyrtur and Kadrilj. 

Color: Grey. 

Fabrics:  Kadrilj 83% polyester and 17% nylon. Fyrtur 100% Polyester.

Manufactured: Unknown 



Omnia Blinds:

Collections: Polar, Area, Panama, North Black Out, Sandstorm and Techno.

Color: Six different collections with a wide variety of colors

Fabrics: 100% Polyester except for the high-end collection Techno that is made of 66% Cotton and 34% Polyester

Manufactured: Sweden

The fabrics are made by Almedahls in Sweden to ensure high quality and sustainability. 


3. Smart Blinds Features, Controlling options.

IKEA Smart blinds

IKEA offers an included remote control so that you are able to control your smart blind from your sofa, bed or while you are cooking your favorite dinner. 

For more advanced control you need their Tradfri hub which allows you can set time automation on your shades, control them from the Tradfri app one by one or in a group, or connect them with for example Google Home for voice-controlled blinds.


Omnia Smart Blinds

We offer the same control options as IKEA does and more. With every motorized blind we include a remote control just like IKEA does. Then you are able to add accessories for further smarter controlling options. 

With the four-channel remote control, you can turn your motorized blinds into automatic shades based on a time schedule. You can also control up to four units in a group. 

We also offer the possibility for sun automated shades with the sun sensor. It sticks easily on any window and can also be programmed on a time schedule just like the four-channel remote control.

If you are interested in smart home possibilities we offer a smart hub that allows you to control your smart shades from an app, in a group, by a time schedule and integrate it with other appliances such as Google Home and Alexa for voice control.


 4. What´s the price difference?

IKEA's motorized blinds are very hyped at the moment because of its price point. Never before has motorized blinds been so cheap. The cost of Fyrtur and Kadrilj is as follows:


Fyrtur, Blackout, IKEA

It starts at $143:

60 x 195 cm in width and height.

It ends at $205:

140 x 195 cm in width and height. 

They are only available to get in-store so you might wanna add some extra cost for transportation.


North, Blackout, Omnia Blinds

It starts at $199, Free Shipping World Wide:

60-80 cm in width (for example 72,8 cm) and 185 cm in height

It ends at $261, Free Shipping World Wide:

120-140 cm in width (for example 72,8 cm) and 185 cm in height


Kadrilj, Translucent, IKEA

60 x 195 cm in width and height:


140 x 195 cm in width and height:


They are only available to get in-store so you might wanna add some extra cost for transportation. 


Polar, Translucent, Omnia Blinds

60-80 cm (for example 72,8 cm) x 185 cm in width and height:

$183, Free Shipping World Wide

120-140 cm (for example 138,8 cm) x 185 cm in width and height:

$230, Free Shipping World Wide



To sum it all up you will get a cheaper motorized blind at IKEA but at Omnia Blinds you are able to get the exact measurements and color you like so that your motorized blind fits perfectly in your window and looks beautiful with the rest of your interior. 

The choice is yours.

If you are interested in our collections you can find them here

If you have any questions we are happy to help you, contact us now. 

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