MOVE | Motor for blinds

  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds
  • MOVE | Motor for blinds

MOVE | Motor for blinds


Life just got easier

Make "dumb" blinds and shades smart within minutes with MOVE. It is the easiest and most affordable way to transform manually controlled blinds into smart blinds. Control the MOVE motor directly from your smartphone with the MOVE app (no hub needed). Enjoy features as individual control, group control and favorites. Control up to 200 MOVE devices with one click in the app. Easily share your settings with other users with QR code scanning.


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MOVE Install/Specification

Full user manual


MOVE blinds motor installation 


  1. Remember to power your MOVE unit with rechargeable batteries Nimh AAA x 4 or with a micro USB power adapter. Always charge your batteries with a battery charger before use, even if they are "ready to use"
  2. Cut the spool cover so that the chain/cord can run freely


Mount MOVE on roller blinds 

  1. Attach the bead chain spool the motor shaft
  2. Feed the chain into the spool
  3. Attach the MOVE device on to the surface with either adhesive tape or wall brackets

Mount MOVE on vertical blinds

  1. Attach the cord loop spool on the motor shaft
  2. Feed the cord into the spool
  3. Attach the MOVE device on to the surface with either adhesive tape or wall brackets

Configure the MOVE device from the MOVE app

  1. Download the MOVE app at iOS or Android
  2. Choose "Add new unit" in the MOVE app
  3. Press and hold down the center button on the MOVE device until a green led light starts to blink
  4. Click on the device that shows up in the MOVE app
  5. Proceed according to the instructions in the app

Need help?

Contact us from our support page or send an e-mail to


MOVE Specificaton

MOVE is made as small as possible in white colour. The basic idea is for the product to fit in with the window frame / wall. 

1. Battery Lid   

2. Solar Panel Connector

3. LED Indicator 

4. Micro USB Type B Connector

5. Run Clockwise Button 

6. Stop Button7. Run Counter Clockwise Button 

8. Motor Output Axl

Works with

MOVE fits a wide variaty of blinds such as roller blinds and vertical blinds. Retrofit the MOVE motor to bead chains and looped cords. MOVE fits most bead chains on the market including bead chains with a connector.




Lenght 163mm / 6,41in 

Width 35mm / 1,37in

Height 33mm / 1,29in



Rechargeable batteries 4 x AAA or micro USB power adapter


Small but strong

MOVE has a lift / pull capacity of 4 kg / 9 lbs. 



Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0≥

Bluetooth CSR mesh


MOVE app

Available for iOS and Android

Search Teptron MOVE 


Included in the package

  1. MOVE unit x 1
  2. Spool cover x 1
  3. Battery holder x 1
  4. Battery lid x 1
  5. Spool cover screw x 1
  6. Bead chain spool x 1
  7. Cord spool x 1
  8. Cord loop spool x 1
  9. Axel output screw x 1
  10. Straight brackets x 2
  11. Angled brackets x 2
  12. Double coated foam tape x 1
  13. Cord guide x 1
  14. USB Cabel x 1

Individual blinds and shades control

This view will list all your added units one-by-one. 

This view was created to make it easy to find a specific unit to adjust. 

Each blind or shade is easily controlled by a slider or fully closed/open when clicking the window symbol.



Unit settings

In the settings you are able to:

  • Recalibrate open and end position
  • Set unit speed
  • Change type of blind/shade function
  • Delete device

You also get info regarding what group (for group control) the device belongs to and you can add the unit as a favorite by clicking on the star icon.



Grouped smart shades control

This view is listing your created favorites. Favorites is a function that allows the user to create different positions for one or several units in a group. 

Each unit in the group can have a specified position and they can be activated by a single click. If you like to fully open/close the blinds or shades just click the symbol ”fully open” or ”fully closed”.



Group settings 

In the settings for group control you are able to :

  • Delete group
  • Add / delete devices to the group
  • See which units that belongs to the group




In this view you can control all your added favorite units. This view was created so that you can get quick access to the MOVE units you use the most.


All orders will be shipped within 10 days World Wide.

Shipping Blinds and Shades within 6-10 days

  • When you order a blind or shade from our site we send the order specifications to our manufacturer. They will start right away to produce your custom made blind. Once your custom made blind is ready they will ship it to our fascilities and we will ship out the order the following day. This procedure will take 6-10 days depending on when you place your order.

Shipping MOVE and accessories 1-3 days

  • We are shipping MOVE and accessories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Free shipping

  • We offer Free shipping on orders over 1000 Euro worldwide.

Shipping with UPS and Schenker

  • All orders in Europe are sent with UPS Standard.
  • All orders outside Europe are sent with UPS Express Saver.
  • All orders in Sweden are sent with Schenker. 
  • When the order is shipped you will receive a UPS tracking ID number.


    Private persons have a 14-day right of withdrawal/exchange of the ordered produc (shipping costs will not be paid for neither refunded). If a product has been handled incautiously, so that it no longer can be sold as a new product, you are liable for compensating the web shop for the decrease in value of the product.

    If the product is defect when opening the package or faults occur on the product, private persons have the right to complain during a total of 2 years from the day the package was received. Complaints must be made within reasonable time and no later than 2 months after the fault has been discovered. If there is a warranty longer than 2 years, you may complain within the warranty period. The warranty is for fabrication faults, after 6 months the customer must prove that the discovered fault on the product is due to fabrication.

    Customers should examine the goods in connection with the receipt and complain about any defects within reasonable time. Faults that occur thereafter may be complained within the warranty period. 

    Private persons exercising the right of withdrawal shall pay the return shipping. If the product is defective, we will refund the return shipping cost as well as the amount paid for the damaged or wrongly delivered product, provided that we are not able to send a replacement product within a reasonable time.



    When ordering made to measure blinds you are not entitled to return the product according to EU Law. This does not apply if the product has been damaged in freight or has fabrication faults (for example wrong colour, wrong control side and so on, please see above General information)


    This instruction applies to all types of returns:

    1. We need your return request within 14 days after you received the product.
    2. Contact us through the contact form or send an e-mail to Include your order details and explain why you want to return the product.
    3. If your return request is approved you will receive a return request form that you need to fully fill in and include with the package back to us.
    4. Once we receive your returned order we will proceed with the refund.


    • Remember to always send the product with outer wrapping to prevent damage to the original package..

    • If you do not send the return with a tracking number we will not be able to see what happens with the package. If it gets lost the responsibility is on the buyer. 
    • If you send a postal package we will get a TAX cost when we pick up the package and that cost will be deducted from the refund.
    • A return or complaint form must always be fully filled in. Returns and complaints without an approved return- or complaint form will not be accepted.

    Shipping label:

    We can create a return label for the buyer. The cost for the return label is 40 Euro outside Europe. The cost for the return label will be deducted from the refund.

    To get the return label get in touch with us during the refund request at our support page or to, attach your order confirmation please.