4 Channel Remote Control With Timer

  • 4 Channel Remote Control With Timer - Motorized Blinds To Go
  • 4 Channel Remote Control With Timer - Motorized Blinds To Go

4 Channel Remote Control With Timer

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Get automated shades easily in minutes

With the 4 channel remote control you can easily set daily or weekly time schedules and enjoy the convenience with automated shades.

You do not need a hub or app to set a time schedule on your shades. All you need is the remote control.


Close four shades with one click

Who wants to run around and manually adjust all shades? You do not need to do that if you get the 4 channel remote control. Control up to four shades at once with one click on the remote. 


What are the benefits of having automated shades?

First and foremost it is very convenient having your shades adjust themselves automatically. Set your bedroom shades to open smoothly in the morning and wake up to natural sunlight. Have them close at night before bedtime. 


Simulate that your home, avoid thieves 

If you set a daily time schedule for the shades to operate several times throughout the day you might decrease the chance of burglary.


Get increased privacy in the evenings

Have your shades close at night and increase your privacy. It will also work perfectly when you are away to avoid people looking in. 



  • Works with all of our motorized shades
  • Steel border design
  • Handheld emitter
  • With crystal magnetic wall holder
  • Codes: rolling code
  • Frequency: 433.92MHz
  • Power supply: 1 unity 3V battery CR2032
  • Battery life: 2 years (nominal capacity: 210MAH)
  • Transmit distance: 100m
  • Dimension: 120mm*43mm*12mm
Control 4 receivers separately or group control

Automatic timer control: 8 pairs of Open & Close timing points to enable automatic timer control.

Daily timer program: Set different Open & Close time for each single day in a week.

Weekly timer program: Set the same Open & Close time for a week or for the working days.

Keep the memory even in the power failure.

Automated Shades Alexa

Wouldn´t it be nice with automated shades, made to measure for a perfect fit in your window? 

All of our motorized shades can be automated with the 4 channel remote control, by the sensor or through the smart hub / app. 

Through the smart hub you will be able to control your motorized shades in group, one by one or with your voice. 

Enjoy automated shades with Alexa or Google home through the smart hub. 


Remote controlled shades

With every motorized shade we include a one channel remote control so that you can get your shade up and running right away.


Automatic blinds with timer

Imagine waking up to natural sunlight or having your smart shades move automatically through the day.

With the four channel remote control you can control your smart shades separately or in group.

Set eight pairs of open and close timing points to enable the automatic timer control. 

If you like your motorized shades to move throughout the day just set different open and close time for each single day a week. 

If you like a weekly program set the same open and close time for a week or for the working days.

You keep your settings even if you have a power failure.

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Automatic sun shades 

With the sun sensor your motorized shades will automatically adjust themselves based on the sun. 

The sun sensor sticks easily on any glass window.

You are also able to set a time schedule for your shades through the sensor, just as the four channel remote control.

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Motorized Shades Alexa

With the smart hub you will be able to control your motorized shades from the E-smart home app or with your voice if integrated with Alexa or Google. 

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E Smart +

From the app you are able to control all your smart shades at once with one click in the app. With cloud, you can control your shades from wherever you are.

Control your smart shades one by one, in group based on room or zone, all shades at once or use the sunlight control.

Set personalized scenario such as good morning, go to work, welcome home, vacation etc. 

Set a time schedule for automatic shades, on all units or just the once you want. 

Download on Android 

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Motorized shades with Google Home

Turn your motorized shades into really smart shades with voice control. 


How can I get motorized shades that work with Google Home?

You need the smart home hub to integrate with Alexa and Google Home. It connects easily in just a few minutes then you are good to go!


Motorized shades battery operated

Our motorized shades has a built in tubular motor that is powered with a lithium battery.

The battery lasts about one year, used twice daily on a standard smart shade.

With every motorized shade order there is an included battery charger, a full charge takes approx. six hours.

With our battery operated motorized shades you do not need to have any ugly wires and external battery pack. We like to keep it simple, long lasting and that the shades look beautiful in the window!




No hidden costs, free shipping World Wide 


All motorized shades will be dispatched within 3 weeks*

  • When you order a motorized shade from our site we send the order specifications to our Swedish manufacturer. They will start right away to build your custom made motorized shade. Once the product is ready they will ship it to our facilities and we will ship out the order the following day. This procedure will take up to 3 weeks. *Under normal circumstances we dispatch all orders within 3 weeks.


      Shipping with UPS and Schenker

      • All orders in Europe are sent with UPS Standard.
      • All orders outside Europe are sent with UPS Express.
      • All orders in Sweden are sent with DHL. 
      • When the order is shipped you will receive a tracking ID number.

        How to measure for motorized shades

        To be sure of the measurements, take a minimum of two dimensions of width and height.