We offer a wide range of control options for truly smart blinds

All of our motorized shades can be automated with the 4 channel remote control, by the sensor or through the smart hub / app. 

Through the smart hub you will be able to control your motorized shades in group, one by one, create scenes or with your voice through Alexa or Google. 


1. One channel remote control included

With every motorized shade we include a one channel remote control so that you can get your shade up and running right away.


2. Automatic blinds based on a time-schedule

Imagine waking up to natural sunlight or having your smart shades move automatically through the day.

With the four channel remote control you can control your smart shades separately or in group.

Time based automation

Set eight pairs of open and close timing points to enable the automatic timer control. 

If you like your motorized shades to move throughout the day just set different open and close time for each single day a week. 

If you like a weekly program set the same open and close time for a week or for the working days.

You keep your settings even if you have a power failure.

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Solar automation

With the sun sensor your motorized shades will automatically adjust themselves based on the sun. 

The sun sensor sticks easily on any glass window.


Included time automation feature

You are also able to set a time schedule for your shades through the sensor, just as the four channel remote control.


With on-device control

With the buttons you can adjust your motorized shades up, stop and down.

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Smart Home

With the smart hub you will be able to control your motorized shades from the Magic home app or with your voice if integrated with Alexa or Google. 

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Get truly smart blinds with app control

From the app you are able to control all your smart blinds at once with one click in the app. With cloud, you can control your shades from wherever you are.

Control your smart blinds one by one, in group based on room or zone, all shades at once or use the sunlight control.

Set personalized scenario such as good morning, go to work, welcome home, vacation etc. 

Set a time schedule for automatic shades, on all units or just the once you want. 

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Voice control with Google Home or Alexa

Turn your motorized shades into really smart shades with voice control. 



How can I get motorized shades that work with Google Home or Alexa?

You need the smart home hub to integrate with Alexa and Google Home. It connects easily in just a few minutes then you are good to go!

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