Made in Sweden | Made to measure

High quality motorised roller blinds at affordable prices

Our motorised roller blinds are hand made in Sweden with components, motors and fabrics of the highest quality. We sell directly to consumers on a global market at a very competetive price point.

From our collections the customer can choose from a variety of fabrics, colours, control features and have the product customized exactly to the dimensions desired (within 60 cm to 259 cm).

Our core values ​​are trust, sustainability, innovation and the customer in focus.


Our customers should feel confident in our company at every stage. Everything from contact with customer support to using our products. That is why we offer a fast, knowledgeable, helpful support team and 3 years warranty on all of our motorised roller blinds.


We are going to make products that are durable with premium fabrics, components and motors.

We also have our production in Sweden to ensure great build quality and good working conditions.

Our suppliers are carefully selected based on the reputation they have built up within their industry, with tons of experience in producing products that customers around the world use and love.

Think outside the box

The reason why we can sell our high quality motorised blinds at such competitive prices is because of our business model.

Business model

We sell our products directly to consumers (DTC), thus the intermediaries are cut and we are able to offer exclusive motorised roller blinds at affordable prices.

We are also operating at lower margins compared to the industry average. Focusing on volume instead of high margins.

By selling directly to consumers, we can also guarantee a very good customer service.

In addition, all customer feedback goes directly to us which gives us valuable insights regarding product improvements, user experience, etc.

Customer focused

We take care of our customers and always strive to do the little extra.

We will simplify for our customers at every stage. From ordering our products to installation and use of our products.

We will listen to and evaluate the feedback we receive from our customers and constantly strive to improve ourselves and our products.

If you want to know more about us we are more than happy to talk to you, get in touch with us!