Individual blinds and shades control

This view will list all your added units one-by-one. 

This view was created to make it easy to find a specific unit to adjust. 

Each blind or shade is easily controlled by a slider or fully closed/open when clicking the window symbol.



Unit settings

In the settings you are able to:

  • Recalibrate open and end position
  • Set unit speed
  • Change type of blind/shade function
  • Delete device

You also get info regarding what group (for group control) the device belongs to and you can add the unit as a favorite by clicking on the star icon.



Grouped smart shades control

This view is listing your created favorites. Favorites is a function that allows the user to create different positions for one or several units in a group. 

Each unit in the group can have a specified position and they can be activated by a single click. If you like to fully open/close the blinds or shades just click the symbol ”fully open” or ”fully closed”.



Group settings 

In the settings for group control you are able to :

  • Delete group
  • Add / delete devices to the group
  • See which units that belongs to the group




In this view you can control all your added favorite units. This view was created so that you can get quick access to the MOVE units you use the most.