Q1: Do you ship your products World Wide?

A: Yes, we ship world wide.

Q2: Can I control your blinds with HomeKit?

A: No, but you are able to control our blinds with Siri Shortcuts through the WI-FI Bridge. 

Q3: Can I integrate your blinds with third party systems?

A: Our WI-FI Bridge is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, Siri Shortcuts and IFTTT.

Q4: Where are your blinds manufactured?

A: Our blinds are hand made in Gothenbourg, Sweden. Video from our production.

Q5: How can I control your motorised roller blinds?

A: Our blinds can be controlled by:

  • App
  • Voice
  • Automations based on time and sunrise/sunset
  • Remote control
  • Pull control, included with every motorised roller blind

Q6: Where are your fabrics manufactured?

A: The fabrics are manufactured by Almedahls in Sweden. They operate the greenest textile manufacturing in the world. Five Zero Green certified.

Q7: What is the delivery time?

A: We will dispatch your motorised roller blinds within 3 Weeks.

Q8: How do I charge my blinds?

A: With the included Micro USB Cable (Adapter not included)

Q9: What is the maximum size I can order?

A: It is stated at each product description.

Q10: How do I install your blinds?

A: Our motorised roller blinds are easy to install, DIY without the need of an electrician. No cables, totally wireless. For more information check the installation manual at each product description. 

Q11: What is the size of the brackets?

A: See the picture below