Polar BO - 0649

  • Polar BO - 0649 - Motorized Roller Shades Made To Measure
  • Polar BO - 0649 - Motorized Roller Shades Made To Measure
  • Polar BO - 0649 - Motorized Roller Shades Made To Measure

Polar BO - 0649

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Polar BO - 0649 - Motorized Blinds

    3-year warranty - World Wide Shipping - Made in Sweden

    Polar is a basic translucent fabric that is available as both translucent and black out fabric in more than 10 different pastel colors.

    Polar BO - 0649

    Light features:
    Reflection: 75
    Absorption: 25
    Transmission: 0

    What is included with every motorized roller blind?

    • One channel remote control (battery not included)
    • Built-in lithium battery pack (2600mAh)
    • Battery charging adapter


    How long does it take to get my motorized blinds?

    All orders will be dispatched within 3 weeks. All motorized blinds are made by professionals in Sweden and delivered worldwide. 


    How to measure for motorized roller shades

    To be sure of the measurements, take a minimum of three dimensions of width and height.

    Inside mounted

    Inside mounted roller shades are installed inside the window frame or casing. They provide a sleek, clean look which can showcase your window size and moldings. If you want your product inside mounted use this guide please:

    1. Start by measure the depth of your window frame to make sure the shade will fit. You will need a frame depth of at least 8 cm / 3.15 inches for a snug fitting.
    2. Measure the width of the window on three points as shown in picture 1. Choose the smallest measurement of the three and write it down, for example "width 100,5 cm / 39,57 inches
    3. Measure the drop or height of the window on three points as shown in picture 2. Use the largest measurement of the three and write it down, for example 172 cm / 67,72 inches. If that would be your measurement you choose the 185 cm drop / height when ordering your motorized roller shade.
    4. DEDUCT 0,5 cm / 0,2 inches from the exact measurement so that the shade will fit your window, operate as intended and that you are able to install it correctly. For example your exact width from step 2 was 100,5 cm you type in 100,5 cm - 0,5 cm = 100 cm when you place the order.
    5. Double check that your measurements follow the Width by Height/Drop format.


    Outside mounted

    Outside mount motorized roller shades are mounted on the window molding, wall, or ceiling above your window. Outside mounted shades can make your windows appear wider and longer while also providing better light control and privacy options. You may be required to install an outside mount if your windows do not have sufficient mounting depth. 

    If you want outside mounted motorized roller shade follow this guide please:

    1. Measure above the window first to make sure you have at least 6 cm / 2.4 inches of flat space on the molding or wall. The shade can be installed on the window molding if there is enough flat surface.
    2. Next, measure the width you want covered on three points. The fabric is 4 cm / 1.58 inches narrower than your total width measurement. 
    3. Measure the height / drop of the window from the top to where you want the bottom of your motorized shades to rest. For example if your height / drop is 212 cm / 83,5 inches you choose 225 cm / 88,56 inches when you place the order. 
    4. Do NOT take deductions from your measurements.
    5. Double check that your measurements follow the Width by Height / Drop format.


    If you have any questions or need help with the measurements just get in touch with us.

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    We offer a wide range of control options for truly smart blinds

    All of our motorized shades can be automated with the 4 channel remote control, by the sensor or through the smart hub / app. 

    Through the smart hub you will be able to control your motorized shades in group, one by one, create scenes or with your voice through Alexa or Google. 


    1. One channel remote control included

    With every motorized shade we include a one channel remote control so that you can get your shade up and running right away.


    2. Automatic blinds based on a time-schedule

    Imagine waking up to natural sunlight or having your smart shades move automatically through the day.

    With the four channel remote control you can control your smart shades separately or in group.

    Time based automation

    Set eight pairs of open and close timing points to enable the automatic timer control. 

    If you like your motorized shades to move throughout the day just set different open and close time for each single day a week. 

    If you like a weekly program set the same open and close time for a week or for the working days.

    You keep your settings even if you have a power failure.

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    Solar automation

    With the sun sensor your motorized shades will automatically adjust themselves based on the sun. 

    The sun sensor sticks easily on any glass window.


    Included time automation feature

    You are also able to set a time schedule for your shades through the sensor, just as the four channel remote control.


    With on-device control

    With the buttons you can adjust your motorized shades up, stop and down.

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    Smart Home

    With the smart hub you will be able to control your motorized shades from the Magic home app or with your voice if integrated with Alexa or Google. 

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    Get truly smart blinds with app control

    From the app you are able to control all your smart blinds at once with one click in the app. With cloud, you can control your shades from wherever you are.

    Control your smart blinds one by one, in group based on room or zone, all shades at once or use the sunlight control.

    Set personalized scenario such as good morning, go to work, welcome home, vacation etc. 

    Set a time schedule for automatic shades, on all units or just the once you want. 

    Download on Android 

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    Voice control with Google Home or Alexa

    Turn your motorized shades into really smart shades with voice control. 



    How can I get motorized shades that work with Google Home or Alexa?

    You need the smart home hub to integrate with Alexa and Google Home. It connects easily in just a few minutes then you are good to go!

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    Get peace of mind knowing that your children are safe

    We have listed the top 10 benefits with motorized roller shades. If motorized shades are worth it is up to you. 


    1. Convenience and accessibility

    Wake up to natural sunlight, close all blinds with a touch of a button, set scenes where they lower themselves as you put on your favorite movie or want to watch the most important game of the season? Automate your motorized roller shades based on a time-schedule or by solar automation and arrive from work to a cooler and more comfortable indoor climate. 

    Hard to reach windows

    Easily access those hard to reach windows and adjust them with a touch of a button. 



    2. Save energy and reduce your energy costs

    Connecting your motorized shades to a smart home hub or a smart sun sensor can help to minimize the amount of energy your HVAC system used by allowing the shades to act automatically independently to reading from the sun sensor or weather forecast report.

    Perfectly programmed, the blinds will close during the hottest part of the day and open during a sunny day in the winter to allow the sun to enter the room and heat up the house naturally.

    Good for your wallet and the environment

    Reducing the energy spent is good for your personal economy as well as good for the environment. It also increases the comfort in your home as the temperature will be more in line with what we humans prefer.


    3. Childsafety

    What most of us fail to consider is the danger of blinds with cords. They are a real danger for our little loved ones. While playing around a child can easily tangle themselves with the cord and it can be life-threatening. According to the US consumer product safety commission, one child under the age of 10 years of age dies every month in the US due to window cord strangulation

    Motorized roller shades offers full safety

    Cordless blinds offer full safety for children and pets and when it comes to motorized blinds you can rest a sure that your beloved children will not be in any risk of strangulation due to your blinds.


    5. Enhance the security of your home

    An effective way to protect your home from intrusion is making it appear like its occupied. With automated shades, you can set a time schedule during the day/week so that you simulate that you are home.

    Automated shades, or app-controlled shades, gives an empty house the lived-in appearance.


    6. Increased freedom for elderly and disabled

    As you get older and still living at home you might need extra help, it's sometimes the little things that are very difficult to manage by yourself. One of those things might be adjusting your blinds.

    Our elderly are not supposed to lie in bed with their shades down in the morning, waiting for their assistant to arrive and help them, or not be able to close them during the day when they want to rest for a while. Motorized shades will eliminate those issues right away.



    7. Protect your interior from sun bleaching

    The sun´s UV rays can be damaging to artwork and furniture. Also, your floor, if made by wood, and your expensive rugs. 

    It can damage our furniture, carpeting, and other decors if it's allowed to stream in through the windows all the time. Unless you want to replace all these interiors from time to time you might wanna invest in motorized shades that will protect and preserve your interior.


    8. Privacy at home

    With smart shades, you won’t have to worry whether your neighbor from across the street or people passing by your house being curious about your whereabouts. They can be set to lower at dusk - or at any other time that’s convenient to you - and let you enjoy your free time in private. Or just lower them all at once with one touch on the remote control.


    9. Smart Blinds

    Motorized shades can be integrated with other smart appliances such as lights, thermostats, awnings, smart locks and more. In this way, you can set scenarios such as "go down" when the awnings close due to much wind. Or you can set a scenario for your blinds to close as you turn on your favorite movie or would like to watch the football game of the year.

    Automated blinds

    You can automate your blinds based on a time schedule or through solar automation so that you can enjoy all benefits that comes with smart blinds.


    10. Maximize the space in your house

    Motorized shades can maximize the space in a room. For example, having a motorized shade as a projector screen as well.

    You do not need to clear space to the window so that you can manually adjust them, which leads to the opportunity to use all of the surfaces next to your window.

    There are probably a lot more clever ideas out there, what is yours?