The OmniaBlinds concept

The OmniaBlinds concept

Unique Swedish motorized blinds concept

We have created an affordable solution to control high quality custom made blinds from your phone

We do not want to brag but we are as far as we know the only company in the world that offers high quality custom made blinds that you can control from your phone for the price that we are offering our customers.

The unique MOVE motor makes all the above possible and in combination with optimized and adjusted blinds for the motor you will have created the same function and feeling that other companies are offering at at least half the price.

compare motorized blinds shades

Even more, all products are made in Sweden. This means that the quality of our products are assured and we are also able to have a close relationship with our manufacturers. Being geographically close to our manufacturers is a key point when it comes to being able to guarantee that we ship out high quality products.

Go ahead and check out our customized blinds and motor, start creating your perfect solution today!


Dan Sonstrom

Co-Founder, OmniaBlinds AB





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