The MOVE motor for blinds and shades

The MOVE motor for blinds and shades

What is unique with the MOVE motor and why is it somewhat of a gamechanger?

Motorize the blinds and shades that you already own

The MOVE motor is a Swedish innovation that is manufactured in Sweden. The reason to why it was invented is that standard motorized blinds solutions is really expensive and often demands that you get an installer to set it up for you. Teptron that has invented the product wanted to do things differently.

To create a new solution to motorize existing blinds they needed to build a motor that could be retrofitted to the manual controls such as bead chains and looped cords. To make it even more complicated Teptron set out to make it work with most blinds and shades on the market which meant that the spool that the bead chain is looped arount needed to be rather universal to all the chains that currenty is on the market world wide.

The MOVE motor for blinds and shades is also operating on Bluetooths latest release MESH. Teptron has been a pioneer when it comes to develope a consumer product using this radio protocol. 

After many years of testing and adjusting according to customer feedback the MOVE motor for blinds is now one of the best solutions to get motorized blinds at an affordable price. 

Get a MOVE motor for yourself or for a friend that truly needs an easier way to operate his or her blinds and see for yourself why this device has become so popular over the couple of years that has passed since it launched.

One more thing, for you that are looking for a Z-Wave version of the MOVE device we are happy to announce that it is something that Teptron currently are working hard on to achieve. Hopefully we will be able to offer both a Bluetooth and a Z-Wave version early next year. 


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